Brooklyn Man Claims He Tricked iphone 3gs Crook Using Matchmaking Application

by Adam Harrington, CBSNewYork

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NY (CBSNewYork) A Brooklyn man is now offering their stolen iPhone back after the guy promises he tricked the crook into encounter him through their OKCupid online dating software.

Nadav Nirenberg, 27, of Park mountain, Brooklyn, penned on their myspace webpage that regarding night of brand new Years Eve, he remaining his iphone 3gs in the rear of a taxi going to a concert with his group, and anybody selected it.

The man very fast transformed it off and erased voicemails and texts and emails promoting extreme benefit, and stating i might appear and figure it out as well as that things, Nirenberg said.

Although soon after early morning, Nirenberg stated he logged into their private e-mail membership and seen suspicious task on their OKCupid visibility. Nirenberg mentioned he presently has a girlfriend with no much longer makes use of the profile, but somebody else have attained accessibility it and had started calling women.

however say, like, Hey youre lookin too good, but however carry out like seven ladies consecutively within two moments, so it is simply sort of plainly trolling for females to react, Nirenberg advised CBSNewYork. Together with communications began meeting at 6 a.m.

Very Nirenberg promises the guy developed the most perfect plan to ensnare the thief. According to him he set up a phony make up a 24-year-old lady named Jenniffer Rodriguez, display title JennifferInBK, making use of a Google inventory image of a lady revealing cleavage on a webcam.

Hi Im Jenny! I simply transferred to Brooklyn and Im looking for a man to display myself around town just a bit. Let us start with appointment at bar! the profile claims. Under the first issues individuals determine about me personally, the visibility claims, my butt? and just what she uses lots of time considering, she wrote, restaurants to use, bars to check out, other items we probably should not create internet based 😉

JenniferInBK is actually a fake profile set-up by Nadav Nirenberg to ensnare the thief whom took his new iphone 4 and started making use of their OKCupid application. (credit score rating: OKCupid)

Nirenberg stated he purposely responded fit issues for Jenny to indicate she had been interested in informal sex.

His strategy were to lure the thief to his own suite to get the iphone 3gs straight back. The program worked perfectly, plus the crook is on course about what he thought had been Jennys apartment on brand-new Years evening, Nirenberg mentioned.

A few hours later he had been oriented to Jenniffers apartment for a calming wine and a good time, Nirenberg penned on his fb web page. What a lucky nights for him.

Nirenberg given a transcript he says is actually of this information change involving the crook making use of their visibility and JennifferInBK:

Thief: U wanna see?

JennifferInBK: Yeah I kinda would ?? Im quite nervous since my personal hair is longer than my image, hope your dont mind basically search slightly different haha. Any options where you should meet?

Crook: No I dont notice. No we dont have no Ida. Carry out u??

Crook: Hay that picture you discover back at my profile it not my. They my friend pic.

JennifferInBK continues on to suggest a club near her homes, or i suppose you could arrive at my spot, though i believe the bar may be an improved tip. They sooner or later consent to meet at JennifferInBKs residence, while the other person offers to push some win (sic).

Thief: alright am I able to posses ur contact number?

JennifferInBK: Haha exactly who speaks from the cell anymore? Allows only chat here its super fun. Ill make certain Im around to talk while youre on your way over.

Crook: Yah

JennifferInBK: Yay! Therefore Ill be equipped for you at 7, cant hold

Thief: Just what u planning lead to me. Will u i’d like to to hug you?

JennifferInBK: Haha used to dont see wed be having lunch. We cook some incredible roasted chicken

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Crook: Will you provide me personally a kiss:)

JennifferInBK: Well as I said Ive been lonely and dont have actually a bf ?? So let us have some wine and food and find out where required united states (we dont see why not)

The dialogue goes on till the individual together with his iphone 3gs claims he could be outdoors. Nirenberg said he failed to expose his suite numbers, but did allow the other individual inside his strengthening and fulfilled your into the stairwell.

As soon as the people appeared, Nirenberg said the guy sprang down behind your and calmly handed your $20 for your iPhone, which had been in his give. Keeping a hammer, Nirenberg said the guy informed the man police are along the way.

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