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My Story

Once upon a time, I sat next to Rupert Murdoch in a meeting about selling the largest printing company in the U.S.—a business I helped grow 100 times over. Back then, I could take a financial statement and clearly visualize how to put the right systems and people in place to make it expand exponentially. It was a simple Rubix cube challenge for me.

I was very successful. The salary was great. The bonuses were fantastic. But I hated having a ceiling on my income and being tied down. I wanted time freedom and to be able to do what I wanted whenever I wanted.

I retired from that job at age 40 and went to live on a yacht with my family. It was a wonderful time as we sat looking out over the water and explored the most beautiful areas of our country. I opened a brick and mortar pilates studio, which also became a huge success as I helped women (and some good men) build their physical strength. I’ll always own a Pilates studio because it’s my passion, but during that time, something terrible happened.

My son was sick, and he needed immediate and costly attention.

I was suddenly filled with fear. Gripping, paralyzing fear. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but it’s something I come across a lot as I talk to women: I was in a constant, desperate state of panic. I knew that I might need money at any time, and I couldn’t just go and earn it by getting another job or even earn it through my brick and mortar pilates business. Yet I needed to take care of my baby. I needed to be WITH HIM and get him what he needed as soon as he needed it. And I wanted to be able to provide for him from my own pocket. I felt sick to my stomach, worrying about my child and how I was going to get us out of this horrible situation.

I needed a plan, and though I was going through the toughest time in my life, I needed to take action quickly. Just make it work. We really thought my son could die at any moment, but if I could, I was going to save him.

To do this, I downsized my lifestyle right away. I sold my stuff so I had some cash. Possessions no longer meant anything to me. They don’t when your family loses its health. I even started selling my investment. This was LIFE OR DEATH. Then I took my son to the best conventional and holistic doctors I could find.

Unfortunately, almost nothing helped him very much. His immune system was shot. He was devastatingly malnourished. His heart could give out at any moment. Almost all food made him sicker… This is why I know so much about nutrition and alternative health. Stem cell therapy, gluten-free nutrition, bone broth, energy work—you name it, we tried it. I had to find the answer to my son’s problem and tried everything and anything that might work for him. And my cash was running low.

During this time, I was also working real hard in the background to increase my income. Somehow, I had to pay for all the health bills and travel. I racked my brain for answers. I couldn’t sleep. It was incredibly stressful, and as the months of worry continued, it started to affect my health, too.

Little did I know that a humble health and wellness company could solve both of my problems at the same time.

WHAT A RELIEF!!! This was it! I had found a solution that could allow any woman with vision to build wealth and work flexibly at the same time. I had also found an amazing solution that would hugely improve my son’s health very quickly. And I knew I could do this if I put just a few hours in around caring for my son.

I found Amare. And I went up 5 ranks in 5 months. I used my Rubix cube financial background and business skills to build the business fast. And I used funnels, ads and social media to create a step-by-step, turnkey system any ambitious woman could use to duplicate my success so I could grow my team and make more money. It gave me the passive income I needed, the flexibility I needed to stay by my son’s side, and the ability to spread the word about the products that had worked so well for us.

And now? My son is much better. I can still stay by his side, and pay for the products he needs. And I use the structure I’ve built to help hundreds of women get out of horrible situations themselves. It could be a limiting relationship. It could be debt or health bills. Or it might just be a J.O.B. that doesn’t pay what you deserve.

No matter what the reason, I help women like you from a genuine place of understanding. I’m not fake. I’ve lived the struggle, and it was so hard. And now I want to help you improve your life SUBSTANTIALLY. I want to transform the health of your family, so you never have to go through what I did! Your future can look so different. Are you interested in taking a look at how amazing it could be?

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Health + business = wealth.

Wishing you abundant health and happiness.

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